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Shipping & Returns

Shipping policy

Packages are shipped once a day at 14:o0. Due to this, if you wish your package to be delivered and live in Honduras, please make any order before 12:00 so our staff can pack and prepare your order. If your order is made past 14:00, it will still be packed and prepped through the afternoon but will be shipped on the next working day. Regardless of the hour you have made your order, the packages may arrive at any hour of the day. If 48 hours have past after making and paying your order, contact us through chat or through our socials. In some cases, payment can be made directly to the courier or bank transfer before requesting delivery (applicable only to Honduras). 

Orders made outside of San Pedro Sula, Hn, will be sent through courier services and the details of your package will be sent to you by our staff through email. 

Exchange and return policy

All of the pieces of the  apparel collection can be changed during a period of up to 90 days in cases of fabric mishaps (sewing details, rips or thread making the pieces falling apart.). Ripped fabric must be notified at most 5 days after the sales day and refunds will be sent in case this ripping has occured during the making or shipping of the items.

Cases in which refund requests will NOT be accepted:


Stains in the pieces are not acceptable for returns nor will pieces with strong scents as colognes, perfumes or body odors. If there are stains or smells on your item from transport errors or bad fitings, please have the item cleaned profesionally before returning. Rips made by human error outside of fabric error will not be available for returns or refunds.

Tailor made pieces won't be refunded or returned either.  These articles are measure made to the client's specific taste and cannot be returned. They can be refitted or repaired. If the client changes their mind and decides they no longer want the item, they must cancel BEFORE any fabric has been cut. See our politics about tailor made clothing for more information. 

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